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Master your Zen, Master your Business

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Why Zenplify?

At Zenplify we believe in flexibility – the flexibility to work anywhere at anytime which gives you the space to enjoy your well deserved downtime. We believe in finding the perfect balance between work and life, and so we’ve developed a training solution that will help you become more consistent and efficient, ensuring higher productivity which ultimately results in higher profitability. Our simple to duplicate online team system allows you to connect with anyone anywhere in the world. Our learning program is centered around understanding your customers better and we provide you with practical tools to help you really understand what they need from you. Zenplify teaches you how to cultivate relationships with clients and your team, both in person and online. What are you waiting for? Success starts here.

CRM Subscription

With the Zenplify CRM system you can manage your business virtually. This means you have more flexibility to do all the things that are really important to you while successfully building and maintaining your business. We have created a system that is fully automated to ensure that you never miss a new profile or forget to follow up when it’s needed.

Enlightened Social Media

Along with a 30 day subscription to the Zenplify CRM system, the Enlightened Social Media training guides you through the basics of running your network marketing business using social media. These platforms can really help you build meaningful relationships with your customers and your team while ensuring your business and products are kept top of mind for your online audience.

ZEN Master VIP Package

The Zen Master training will help you #ReThink how you’re running your business. We take a look at how you can build a successful business by being authentically you.This 12 week course covers everything from branding, finding the ideal clients and consultants to defining your vision and goals and how to duplicate simply and effectively. Our ZEN Master VIP package also includes both the 7-day Challenge and Enlightened Social Media training, as well as full access to the CRM system for 6 months.