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When moving your business into an online environment it is super important to first understand what not to do, before handling what you should do. Some of these mistakes have the potential to cripple your business for years, so it’s best to avoid these 5 points as much as possible. Ready? Let’s do this.


Here are the DON’TS:

1 – Don’t send out lots of group messages and tag everyone.

Sure, you’re excited about sharing your new business offering or promotion, or simply keen to spread the word about your business on social media – after all, it’s a melting pot of existing and potential clients. But it’s also a place where you interact with friends and family, and some people just want to browse and vicariously travel the world through others’ vacation photos. So before you get gung-ho about pushing your business through mass-scale group messages and tagging everyone on your friends list, try to be more targeted in your approach. People get annoyed really quickly when they receive a litany of promotions and advertisements, so don’t lose followers through excessive social posts before your business has taken off.

2 – Don’t send out information without asking first.

Most people don’t want anything they didn’t ask for (apart from a millionaire Prince Charming who loves cooking and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy with you – who wouldn’t want that?). When people express interest in your business and want to find out more, then you have already established a relationship, and that relationship is based on a mutual understanding of them wanting what you’re offering, and you happy to supply it. If you dish out information to people without them wanting it in the first place, they’ll probably get annoyed and might not want to deal with you any further. Don’t just hand over the flyer, ask if they want it first – they’ll be more receptive to you.

3 – Don’t overpost information about your business.

This will likely change as your business starts to become more successful over time. If your business is new then simply mass posting about it won’t generate much interest. When you’re just starting out you want to focus on individual, personal interactions to get your business off the ground. When your business eventually takes off (which it will) then sure, posting milestones of your success is a great promotional tool and it also galvanizes the belief in your business from existing and potential clients.

4 – Don’t sound like someone else.

“What verbiage do you use?” – we get asked this a lot. We prefer language over verbiage, and here’s why: we believe it is important to understand how you communicate generally. If your business doesn’t communicate in the way you personally do, you become tied into a different way of speaking that isn’t genuine, and that will be noticeable to your audience. In reality, it’s about saying the right thing in the right way, and the right way is not the same with everybody. Finding the right balance between sourcing different ways to communicate with the ones which come naturally is the key to being authentic, which attracts people to you and your business. There’s only one you and you’re unique – harness it.

5 – Don’t expect magic results.

Regardless of whether you grow your business in person or online, or a combination of both, success takes time, effort, credibility, and knowledge. If you want a thriving business then you need to behave as a thriving business owner would – one who understands the importance of each process, and who knows that success isn’t waiting to fall into your lap overnight, you’ve got to take the necessary steps and grab it. Overnight success stories do happen, but mostly they are either a grand fluke, or the person has experienced success in previous endeavors and has brought their knowledge with them.

If you avoid these 5 don’ts as much as possible when your business is starting out then you have already begun to pave the road to a successful business and a successful you.

Good luck!

The Zen Team