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Helping Network Marketers Build Their Business Online and Find Their Zen

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What is Zenplify?

Zenplify is committed to helping you start and run your own network marketing business. We provide you with a practical, technology-based solution which allows you to delegate repetitive tasks through our CRM and marketing automation tools.

We also offer social media training to help broaden your reach while nurturing your relationships with your customers and your team. Our platform comes with ready-made and custom created templates so you can be up and running in 15 minutes with a clearly defined way to duplicate your team’s system online. Our training also challenges you to #Rethink elements which aren’t working for you and your business to take a bold step towards turning that around.

Heart, Strategy & Social Media

This kickoff webinar gives you a full introduction to the Zenplify CRM platform and dishes out key tips on how to best use it to help you grow your network marketing business online. You will learn more about some of the key principles for Zen success, including what a heart-to-heart business really means and how you can start developing your own heart strategy to deeply connect with your customers and your team.

Zenplify 7-Day Challenge

Our Zenplify 7-Day Challenge program gives you a free 7-day trial access to the Zenplify CRM platform along with a company specific starter template. During this challenge we’ll provide you with a step-by-step workbook, video training and tutorials designed to walk you through the process of personalizing your Zenplify account to help you to grow your network marketing business online. What are you waiting for? It’s time to embrace the change in your life. Just remember we got you.

Automation that Duplicates

Custom templates that you can personalize in under 15 minutes and share with your whole team.

Leadership First

We teach personal leadership as a key contributor to success, learn to lead yourself so you can lead your team better.

Simple. Zen. Fall in Love.

Step-by-step tutorials make it simple to get started and quick to learn, creating time for more Zen each day.

Follow Up

As the most important part of a successful business, Zenplify automates your follow ups so you never leave a customer waiting.

“Heather has been an amazing mentor for me. With Heather and Zenplify, I have learned to embrace who I am and be okay with my own journey. I have grown to love my own voice and I have stopped looking to be the best copycat in an industry that encourages copying ‘one size fits all’ rather than seeking to serve the individual based on a heart-to-heart relationship.”

Liz Anderson Parker

“The concept was something that made sense to me. I have used this system for many years and absolutely believe in it. The way Heather has always encouraged us to be authentic and real, to be the secret ingredient, and stay involved and engaged with our prospects has made my business an easy process.”

Tracy Parson

“Zenplify came to us as a gift. Rod printed out the workbook and we knew we were in the right place! Professionally, this new way of reaching out with Arbonne Virtually was just what our business needed to thrive in a new technical era! This was one of those pivotal points we can now look back on and see it was meant to be part of our Arbonne life journey.”

Suzanne Rodriguez

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